Cost-effective Campaigns

As well as setting the right tone for your marketing campaigns you need to be confident the right people are listening. SciForte helps deliver your marketing strategy through a tailored approach which could include:

  • Development, design and placement of adverts in key media
  • Identification of relevant (and most valuable) trade shows and events
  • Design, copywriting and production of exhibition and promotional materials
  • Representation at exhibitions and events to support the sales effort
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Development and population of customer relationship management (CRM) databases to expand your reach to relevant audiences
  • Co-ordination of bespoke activities (hosting workshops, webinars, video production etc)
  • Social media campaigns

We believe that marketing activities should be cost effective. We help you assess the value of each activity in order to focus only on the hard-hitting campaigns, providing the best possible return on investment. Where clients have the right internal resources we will happily transfer skills over time so that ongoing day-to-day PR and marketing activities can be handled in-house.

To find out more please get in touch via our contact page.